Demoralised Idealism

Curated by: Ana Frangovska


Varg e vi – Center for Contemporary Art
Dardania 1, Gjilan, Kosovo


The title of the proposed project is Demoralised Idealism and it addresses different aspects of our existential – social – political living. It can have many different notions – from personal unfulfilled ideals to generalised discourses which as focal points reflect the hidden blindness and being part of the crowd misled by delusions and promises. We are on the crossroad between the old and the new, we are obsessed with false ethics and morality, we feel political melancholy, and very often we choose procrastination as a decision or an answer…
Thus, my choice of female artists originates from this concept: Iskra Dimitrova, Nada Prlja, Vera Kovacevska, Marija Sotirovska, Maja Kirovska, Mihaela Jovanovska and Dijana Bogdanovska, they all address these issues in their artwork. The decision to select only female artists is based on the following notion: female artists have different approach to such general and engaged issues, they react with different sensibility and they criticize differently either by using the language of a “wounded lioness” or by having have more courage to approach the problem directly, to analyse, to synthetize and to make symbiosis of several semiotics into one.

Institute for Arts and Culture ”Ars Acta”


Nada Prlja, West, 2007, single screen video