Adan at the City of Fire


Adan at the City of Fire

Solo Exhibition


Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje


Influenced by the global crisis, which implies that the possible end is not only imaginary, Nada Prlja poses a series of questions at the exhibition, reflecting our situation in the world today, but also questions about what it means to be an artist today.

With this exhibition Nada Prlia takes visitors in the imagined 3030, where our civilisation has already disappeared and there is a new one that has no information about us. The new civilisation digs a collection of works of art, created and collected by Adan before her civilisation disappears forever on the assumed day 20.02.2020. Adan is an imaginary character, a superhero who takes on the role of protector of our cultural heritage, because of the premonition that our civilisation will completely disappear.

The exhibition also features works by Nada Prlja created between 2007 and 2019.




Images from the opening of the exhibition





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