/ International Baroque (After M. Abramovic)



Reference: Marina Abramovic’s ‘Balkan Baroque’ (1997)

International Baroque (2009) is a performance which re-enacts Marina Abramovic’s ‘Balkan Baroque’ (1997) performance. The project ‘International Baroque’, strives in a symbolic sense (as in Marina Abramovic’s 1997 work), to ‘clean up’ or ‘wash out’  the bitter reality from society, by ‘physically erasing’  all the ‘bad’ contents from the newspapers. The performance lasted a whole day.

If we analyse the content of newspapers – what do we find? The ‘reality’  of contemporary life is a battle yard of the wounded and the killed, of disasters and diseases, the corrupted and those who corrupt. The world that newspapers are portraying is a world of hatred, of murderers, terrorists and rapists.

‘International Baroque’ is a performance that looks at the mass media, commenting directly on the purpose and content of daily newspapers. The project addresses the amount of negative events that are reported by newspapers on a daily basis, which is accepted without much reaction from the political or social circles.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.04.27.png

Press coverage:

Kazaliste, Theatre monthly magazine, Title: “ Re -performans” kao re -enactment, re -construction, re -playing i re -doing : ili o tome kako “čovjek ne može dva puta napraviti samoubojstvo”, by Suzana Marjanić, 2009, [CRO]

/ Zarez, Title: “ Dosta Globalne Crne Kronike”, by Suzana Marjanić, 2009, [CRO]

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