Nada Prlja, in the front of sign Artist

Prlja is an artist whose work deals with the complex situations of inequality and injustice in societies, ranging from political to economic issues. Using different media, her projects are multi-layered, site or condition-specific.

She works mainly in installation, video installation, live art, public art projects. Prlja’s main aim is to affect society in the most direct of ways; it challenges critical discourse around issues of current politics, nationalism, transition of ex-socialist countries, human rights, migration, etc., at the same time, her work maintains a conceptual and aesthetic authenticity. Prlja’s work adopts a site’s context specific quality or certain kind of social conditions, which may vary from project to project in the choice of media deemed most appropriate.


Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Lived in Skopje, Macedonia 1981-1999. Since 1998 lives and works in London, UK. She received an MPhil research degree from the Royal College of Arts, London, after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Skopje, Macedonia (and previously from the National High School of Fine Art in Skopje).

Prlja took part in following Biennales: IV Bienal del Fin del Mundo de Arte ContemporЗneo, Chile/Argentina (2015); 5th Moscow Biennale, (Film Program) Moscow (2013); 7th Berlin Biennale, Berlin (2012), Manifesta 8, Murcia (2010) and International Printmaking Biennale, Ljubljana (2009). She has been working occasionally in public domain, here recent public interventions were for 7th Berlin Biennale (2012), ORF FUNKHAUS, Vienna (2009), Marble Arch Gate, London (2007), etc.

Selected solo exhibitions: FUTURA, Praha (2013); Lakeside Kunstrum, Klagenfurt (2010), MC Gallery, Zagreb (2009), The Museum of City, Vzigalica, Ljubljana (2009), Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje (2008), National Gallery of Macedonia, Skopje (2007), etc. Selected group exhibitions: White Cube, London; Calvert 22 Foundation, London (2013); Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2012); Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork (2012); Szuki Museum, Lodz (2011), INIVA Institute of International Art, London (2009), David Roberts Art Foundation, London (2009), Skuc Gallery/Ljubljana Biennale, Ljubljana (2009), Tina B – Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Prague (2008), Hong-Gah National Museum, Taipei (2008), Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (2008), etc.

Selected public presentations: Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham (2013); ICA, London (2011); INIVA Institute of International Art, London (2010, 2007); Tate Britain (2009); University College of London (UCL), London (2010); University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen (2009); Goldsmith University, London (2009), etc.

Teaching: London Metropolitan University / Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design (2005 – 2013), Istituto Marangoni (2005 – 2013)

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