Budapest (exhibition 2010)

Installation as part of Group exhibition Loophole to happiness at Trafo gallery, Budapest. Black Communism – 9 shirts, hand painted slogans, old sewing machines. 2010

Loophole to Happyness invitation to Trafo Exhibition
Loophole to Happyness, invitation to Trafo Exhibition
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9 shirts, hand painted slogans, old sewing machines. 2010

Group Exhibition Loophole to Happiness sets out to locate and explore the freedom-enhancing loopholes that exist on the margins of repressive social systems from East European communism to global capitalism. Faced with the perfection of techniques of absorbing criticism and the systematic mobilisation of our creativity, sociability and sentiments for economic ends, the search is on for new forms of resistance to the endless pressure of production. The exhibition takes the inventive strategies of worker resistance under communism as the starting point for fresh attempts to imagine exceptions, find escape routes and evade the smooth surface of today’s neo-liberal capitalist order. Prlja presented the work ‘Black Communism”.

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9 shirts, hand painted slogans, old sewing machines. 2010

The T-shirt slogan is:

In the installation Black Communism, a line of industrial sewing machines stand frozen in action, seemingly abandoned by its workforce as a protest against the conditions of labour today.

The writings on the t-shirts refer to the Black Wave cinema movement in ex-Yugoslavia int the late 1960s, – which was an expression of freedom under socialism, as well as (for myself, at least) a represntation of ‘communism with the possibility of self-criticism and freedom’. With this ‘Black Communism’ slogan, I am interested in searching and finding new political/social systems.

Press coverage:


Loophole to Happiness, Paperback, 2012, by Reuben Fowkes (Author), Maja Fowkes (Author) £10.00, Publisher:; 1st edition (2011), ISBN-10: 9630824914Paperback: 128 pages

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