Chalenge Fashion.

Art, for century has been involved in art institutional, market, etc. critique, by setting new dimensions in working and perceiving art. Fashion, has involved itself, more with design aspect of creation, execution and marketing of the object produced.

Fashion strives for novelty, without even reconsidering why? Fashion show reviewers always starts with a sentence ‘the collection is inspired by…’, without even questioning did the fashion designer

Inspiration + novelty + taste + sowing skill = fashion expression

Critical art functions within the following trajectory (in most of the cases):

Problematic issue + why + method of influence = art expression


ADAN, in its entirety, supports new trends in fashion, which

rather than rethinking of the essence of Fashion.


To be inspired by art, but to come closer to artistic ways of thinking.

art project ADAN, where concepts and criticism of fashion will be starting point for the creation of art works (garment works).

Fashion designer is derogatory and outdated calling – ‘Fashion’ means ‘popular style’; ‘Designer’ means ‘agent that specifies the structural properties of an object’ – therefore a Fashion Designer is an agent that specify properties of a object for popular use. Therefore the name of this industry, the name of the creator and the object produced should be reinvented.



Critically re-thing everything in fashion industry

Do not be only ‘inspired by’ (African tribes, muslim culture, etc.), but create for those that are different

Create clothes which is not gender specific

Recycle material to create your own materials and fabrics (think of quilt and similar techniques)

Deconstruct restore and conserve already existing

Produce everything possible in third world countries (under condition of fair production)

If specific services are not provided in third world countries mentor workers in order to be able to use such techniques and processes

Avoid unnecessary decoration and jewellery

Do not comply with superficial and momentary trends



Avoid using words ‘fashion’ and ‘design’

Word ‘clothes’, ‘garment’, etc. replace with a word ‘work’

Avoid words, such as ‘style’, ‘look’, ‘look book’,