Daily News Agency is a set of projects that conceptually re-examines the content of the information that newspapers offer to the public on a daily basis.

The reality of our lives is portrayed to the public on an everyday basis through the information that is published in newspapers. Having grown accustomed to such information, we no longer notice the amount of shocking and disturbing news delivered by newspapers and other forms of mass communication. 

The projects in this section have been made in order to make people more potently aware of the events that surround them. The group of projects encompasses of installations (Disaster Diaries and Non-Commercial Agency), interventions on gallery walls (Bad News I), interventions in the newspapers, as for example in DELO Newspaper in Ljubljana Slovenia (Bad News II), overpainting original newspaper pages (Disasters: 03/04 Madrid… and Disaster Diaries), video (Disaster: 07/05 London…) or performances [International Baroque (After Marina Abramovic)], etc.

Disaster Diary
Non-Commercial Agency
International Baroque (After Marina Abramovic)
Disasters: 07/05 London…
Disasters: 03/04 Madrid…
Bad News I
Bad News II

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