/ Glass Factory 1954-94, revisited 2007

Video, Single screen video, 10 min, colour, sound, loop. 2007

Play the video, Glass Factory 1954-94, revisited 2007.

On the outskirts of the city of Skopje, Macedonia, now stands alone a derelict factory building compound, that once employed more than 4.000 workers for more than 40 years. When the fac- tory came to a halt, by a sudden act of closure in 1994, 800 work- ers were made redundant during the course of a single day.
This video Glass Factory (1952 – 1994, revisited 2007) shows the buildings and the surroundings of the Glass factory in the condition in which it was left at the beginning of 2007.

The documentary style video footage (filmed through a car window) films the area as the car drives through it, while a voice-over methodically counts the number of workers who lost their job in a matter of a single day. The voice-over (my own voice), in a desperate attempt to give at least a number to every single person who had once been employed by this factory, eventually loses track of the order of the numbers.
I had simply found it too difficult to keep up the counting of so many numbers, finding it almost incomprehensible that each number stands for a human life and represents the notion that each of those workers had been left so abruptly without a job or hope for a future.

Glass Factory 1954-94, revisited 2007, screen shoots.

Exhibition history:

Press coverage:
Internet review Poland visual arts and design 2008 [ENG]

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