/ The Rights

Video: ‘Rights, I am Macedonian’, Single screen video, 7 min.  black and white.

The Rights is a series of video recordings of different boys and girls, originating from countries of South Eastern Europe (some of which have recently become EU member states), living in London.

For example, the episode Rights, I am Macedonian’, portrays a 9 year old boy of Macedonian origin, reading from the ‘European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom’ from ‘The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics’. The complexity of the vocabulary and sentence structure, and the boy’s inability to comprehend the concepts contained in the text itself. This act is analogous to the difficulties experienced by immigrants to become integrated into the ‘maze-like’ legal systems of their adoptive new societies.

All of the other children read the same text in the videos. The series includes the following videos:

Rights, I am Macedonian

Rights, I am Romanian

Rights, I am Bosnian

Rights, I am Serbian

Rights, I am Turkish


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.46.49.png
Curator of the Exhibition Gulsen Ball talks about the exhibition [TUR]

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