/ Impossible to Predict

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 16.47.29
Impossible to Predict, spices. 3x5m. 2016


This project is inspired by the various attempts by numerous organisations to analyse the arrangement of zones in the world affected by peace and war. This analysis, known as the ‘Global Peace Index’, serves primarily to monitor the current situation in the world, but at the same time also serves as a basis for projections made about the stability in specific regions, and in the world, as a whole. The Global Peace Index represents the world’s leading measure of ‘national peacefulness’, measuring peace according to 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Coloured sand is placed flat surface, in the manner of the sand mandalas created by Buddhist monks. In this work, the current Global Peace Index is ‘drawn’ by separating the areas of the peace and war in the world, in differently coloured sand. During the days of the exhibition, the sand is moved by the air that circulates in the space, as well as by viewers playing with it, ultimately making this map illegible, symbolising the uncertainty of our future.



Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 16.47.13
Impossible to Predict, spices. 3x5m. 2016
Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 16.48.43
Impossible to Predict, spices. 3x5m. 2016


Global migration, xenophobia, increased nationalism, are all factors that are reshaping the world towards an unknown direction, to a greater extent than one might otherwise imagine. This project is a visual representation of the possible ‘future’ cacophony of world events that may potentially occur in areas of the world that have recently being considered as peaceful and stable regions. We can no longer see a logical sense to the expected distribution of projected areas of peace and war and from this point inwards, we can claim that the future is impossible to predict.

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