Innsbruck International Biennial of Art

Innsbruck International is a Biennial of the Arts drawing a diverse array of national and international contemporary artists to the historic city.

Under the motto AGENTS OF SOCIAL CHANGE, the Biennale Innsbruck International 2018 thematized personal activism and what it means to be ‘alive today’. With HUMAN CAPITAL, the Biennale 2020 wants to further challenge this personal activism and give it a face: artistic positions in the city of Innsbruck and a specific performance, film and music program examine the democratic possibilities of today’s right-wing and left-wing populism in order to determine their effects on the to show personal responsibility, individual behavior, drawing boundaries and our life in digitization – which makes us numbers, “HUMAN CAPITALS”.

Curated by Tereza Kotyk, Chris Clarke.

Nada Prlja was presented with three projects:


Hate does not simply exist, it is created

Stop the War Against Immigrants

Nada Prlja installation at Tourist Information Centre (photo: WEST.Fotostudio)
Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 14.19.38
Nada Prlja installation at Wellcome Center (photo: WEST.Fotostudio)


Basir Mahmood, Monument of Arrival and Return, installation at Welcome Centre (photo: WEST.Fotostudio)
Etel Adnan and Ulrike Haage, installation at MusikPavilion (photo: WEST.Fotostudio)
Felix Gonzales-Torres, Untitled (We Don’t Remember) at Welcome Centre (photo: WEST.Fotostudio)
Isaac Chong Wai, Rehearsal of the Futures: Police Training Exercises, at Bogen 55 (photo: WEST.Fotostudio)
Christ Clark, at the opening of the Biennale
Steve McQueen, End Credits, at Backlechnerstrasse 46 (photo: WEST.Fotostudio)