/ Rijeka (public art project 2007)

Site specific art project, as a part of exhibition Sweetest Dream, Unity and Dissonance in Europe, Tito’s square, Rijeka, Croatia. 2006 The project was censured.

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Advanced Science of Morphology, ‘..But when we have arrived in agreed time to position the flags, we have been told that we cannot place the flags on the flagpoles, because the flower fare is on…’


Advanced Science of Morphology is a project that questions the possibility of unity in Europe by reflecting on the changes that have happened to the countries that once made up Yugoslavia.

The 26 combinations of the national flags of the states that once made up Yugoslavia is a timely art work that replaces the flags of the EU member states in Marble Arch Park in London in 2006. The morphing of national identities aims to question the goal of unity in Europe and invites us to reflect on the roles we play in making and breaking dreams of European togetherness.


Rijeka on last Thursday public art project named ‘Advanced Science of Morphology’ by Macedonian artist Nada Prlja was planed to be realised on tito’s square in Rijeka. but Rijeka’s citizens were stooped to see this art project, which consists of nine flags designed as to follow the transformation of flags of newly created countries’ symbols of republics of the former country. the author works and lives in London, her Rijeka ‘connection’ in realisation of this project was artist Nemanja Cvijanovic from Rijeka.
According to his words, the permission for the placement of the flags was asked by the Planing Department of City Centre of Rijeka and they have agreed verbally.
‘..But when we have arrived in agreed time to position the flags, we have been told
that we cannot place the flags on the flagpoles, because the flower fare is on. I am personally convinced that this reason is not the right one, maybe somebody felt afraid of the project as this..’
Cvijanovic comments by adding that for the realisation of this exhibition on
Tito’s square in Rijeka the fonts allocated for this exhibition were trone away. Beside that the artist has travelled from London to Rijeka in attempt to install this project.
We have asked for explanation Jolanda Todorovic, the responsible member of
Cultural Department of City of Rijeka, (who has agreed on realising the project).
She has said that Prlja’s flags were not positioned on the Tito’s square because of
the Fiumana Festival – first Rijeka’s flower and sweets festival, which was about
to end this Sunday. Before mentioned decision was made by a Planning Department of City Centre of Rijeka, evaluating that the positioning of the flags would be incompatible with the program of the Fiumana Festival.
‘..As this time slot was left unused, the Cultural Department is about to send of ficial letter to Planning Department of City Center of Rijeka with an aim to agree for a new time slot for the exhibition.’
Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 00.30.50
Tito’s square in Rijeka
As explained by Todorovic. In Nada Prlja’s letter she confirms the attention to request for an appropriate time slot to position the flags, by confirming her intention to realise this project in Rijeka. The art project strives to engage the public in polemical discussion about the history and the future of the Balkans and the Europe in general; next to the flags
the artist intention was to leave notebooks that could reflect the citizens opinions
about the subject matter of the project. This flags were exhibited as a part of
‘The Sweetest Dream’ in London, but the artist was unfortunate this time with Rijeka.

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