/ Stop the War against Immigrants

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 17.08.55.png
Stop the War against Immigrants, Installation
7 broken protest banners; acrylic white and black paint on board, wooden sticks, 2008.

During the course of several days in the summer of 2008, the artist positioned protest banners on the streets of London and secretly recorded the unfolding scene with a hidden camera from the opposite side of the street.

The broken banners, part of this installation, are the original broken banners as a result of the anger expressed toward immigrants by a group of youngsters in Central London, who smashed the protest banners (containing texts and slogans which support immigration and the notion of equal human rights for all). This real life event is documented in the work Give ‘Em Hell!.

The installation features actual banners and wooden sticks that were broken that night on a street in London.

The banner slogans are: Stop The Deportation, We Are All Foreigners, Stop War Against Immigrants, Stop Criminalising Immigrants, No Worker Is Illegal There Are No Rights For Foreigners.

Exhibition History

SC GAllery, Zagreb, 2010

Futira, Praha, 2013

Press Coverage

/ Mute, Monthly Cultural Magazine, 2009, Title: The Return of the Red Bourgeoisie, by Stefan Szczelkun [ENG]

/ Lakeside Semester 2010, catalogue, Title: Reordering, The wild and Cultivated fruit market, by Cristian Kravagna, 2010 [ENG/GER]

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