Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition

胡朝聖&陳永賢策展 -2008台灣國際錄像藝術展 2008

Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2008 / “Dwelling Place”

Curated by Sean Hu & CHEN Yung-Hsien

Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei


Martin Heidegger (1889-1976), by the very existence of thought and dwelling, once proposed “poetic dwelling, that building is in itself dwelling, which let the four elements (earth, sky, divinities and mortals) come forth and withdraw freely on their own; dwelling is in itself building, letting the four elements settle in one place, can henceforth reveal the dwellings intrinsic quality. He also reminded: Man puts the longest distances behind him in the shortest time. He puts the greatest distances behind himself and this puts everything before him in the shortest range.Yet, the frantic abolition of all distances brings no nearness. What is least remote from us in point of distance, by virtue of its picture on film or its sound on the radio, can remain far from us.

What is incalculably far from us in point of distance can be near to us. As mans living conditions are getting compressed in the globalization process, what results is distance that is difficult to identify, no matter where, we can see transnational chain stores, people using the same brand of household goods, living in similar situations at home, even manufactured exotic geography and landscapes. Today, how can we find poetic dwelling? What are the real plights of dwelling? “Dwelling Place”- tries to bring forth thinking about the dwelling of mankind itself, from urban and rural living, housing relocation, environmental variations, and other topics, including the internal and external landscapes of the home, or the migration of laborers and marriage partners, even the relocation of the homeless everywhere, and so on, such are the diverse factors affecting the dream of dwelling. As a result, this exhibition will also take the opportunity to explore what the possibilities of globalized poetic dwelling at the ground level may be, and extend the relationships of such dwelling, including: urban dwelling, community culture, urban and rural differences, familial ties, migration and diasporas, and so on … as well as other issues regarding “dwelling culture”.


Artists: Wimo Ambala Bayang, Chen,Kai-Huang(陳愷璜), Chen Qiu-Lin(陳秋林), Åsa Elzén, Beatrice Gibson, IngridMwangiRobertHutter, Kao Jun-Honn(高俊宏), Markus Kison, Liu Wei (劉偉), Qin Ga (琴嘎), Johanna Reich, Yuan Goang-Ming (袁廣鳴), Herman Asselberghs, Louis Cameron, Chuh-Han Cheng(鄭之涵), Nina11 Dimitriadi, Wing-Yin Ho(何穎賢),Chia-En Jao(饒加恩),Mischa Leinkauf & Matthias Wermke,Yun-kyung Kim, Tessa Knapp, Ane Lan, Tai-Chou Lin(林泰州), Chun-Chiang Niou(牛俊強), Minou Norouzi, Teddy Peix, Nada Prlja, Rafaël, Katia Sepúlveda, VALENTINA SERRATI, Guli Silberstein, Aaron Yassin


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Detail of the poster


Nada Prlja exhibited the work – The rights, is a series that includes the following videos: Rights, i am Macedonian; Rights, i am Romanian; Rights, I am Bosnian; Rights, I am Serbian rights; Rights, i am Turkish.

The Rights is an ongoing series of video recordings of different boys and girls, originating from countries of New Europe. For example – the episode Rights, I am Macedonian, portrays a 9 year old boy of Macedonian origin, reading a description of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom from The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics.

Similar to this all other children are reading the same text. The complexity of the vocabulary and sentence structure and the boy’s inability to comprehend the concepts contained in the text itself. The attempt to comprehend the text, symbolically speaking reflect the difficulty / near impossibility for immigrants to become integrated into the ‘maze-like’ legal systems of their adoptive western societies.

Insert from the single screen video The rights, I am Bosnian, 2008.




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