Vienna (public art project)

26 flags. Exhibited as a part of conference Return to Europe – Talking Balkans, 19 flags.on the facade of the radio/TV station ORF RadioKulturhaus, Vienna, Austria, 2008.

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Advanced Science of Morphology, Vienna (site specific public art project 2007)
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Advanced Science of Morphology, Vienna (site specific public art project 2007)

ERSTE Foundation is pleased to invite you to the public art project Advanced Science of Morphology by Nada Prlja, exhibited in front of the ORF RadioKulturhaus from the 1st to the 15th of April, 2008.

Coinciding with the conference Return to Europe – Talking Balkans, to be held at the ORF RadioKulturhauses on the 3rd and 4th of April 2008.

Curated by Walter Seidl.


ORF RadioKulturhaus

Argentinierstraße 30a

1040 Vienna

Advanced Science of Morphology by Nada Prlja was exhibited for the first time in 2006, as a site specific Public Art Project in front of the Marble Arch Gate in London, in collaboration with and commissioned by B+B / Sophie Hope for Reunion projects. The flags of the 26 EU countries that usually fly on the flagpoles of this site, were replaced with the morphed flags designed by artist Nada Prlja. We are pleased to welcome this project for the first time in Vienna.

Advanced Science of Morphology follows the constantly changing political climate and subsequent reshuffling of the names, territories and visual identification of the countries of South Eastern Europe. The project consists of 19 flags designed to merge the colours and symbols of the flags of newly created countries that have emerged from the republics of former Yugoslavia.

Advanced Science of Morphology reflects a certain wishful thinking related to the possibility of unity. It aims to question the possibility of unity in general – the unity of the countries of Ex Yugoslavia, the Balkans, the European Union, etc – and invites us to reflect on the roles we play in creating and breaking this notion of togetherness.

This project translates, by visual means, the message that could be delivered by politicians, policy makers and others, who are involved in discussions about the territorial definition of the nations of Ex-Yugoslavia – the message of togetherness, collaboration and unity.

There is no subversion or hidden meanings within this project; neither does it rely on the artist’s nostalgic yearning for the past – it is inspired by the social, political and economic situation created after the break-up of Yugoslavia and the artist’s urgency to react to the current situation – fuelled as it is, by nationalism, ignorance and pessimism.

The message that the Advanced Science of Morphology project aims to convey is the need for a link between the past, the present and the future within the SEE area. So far, there has been no sympathy for the past (socialism), no peace in the present (corruption, nationalism and economic inequality) and neither has there been any real belief in the future (as illustrated by massive migration levels, and the continuous fear of further political and economic instability). Our hope is that the project will work directly with the Viennese citizens, provoking a new set of possible meanings in relation to the SEE region.

Nada Prlja thank: Sophie Hope (B+B); Johannes Wimmer at the Austrian Cultural Forum, London; Space Gallery, London; Nemanja Cvijanovic; Jolanda Todorovic; allsopp&weir; and all the people that have carried the flags in different occasions since 2006.

ERSTE Foundation

DIE ERSTE österreichische Spar-Casse Privatstiftung

Graben 21, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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Advanced Science of Morphology, Vienna (site specific public art project 2007)


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