/ West


2007, Single screen video, 1:58min, colour. Music: Disciplina kicme (Disciplin A Kitschme) song: Novac nece doci. Released on album: Ja imam šarene oci, Dokumentarna, 1985/YUG

West is a single screen video that represents the notion of power play. The power play represented in this video, is a direct illustration of the power game played out between countries, which are geographically (but also in many other ways) divided between East and West. The project encour- ages, but also questions the possibility of co-existence in a global manner between East and West.
The music played in the video is a song entitled I have vividly colored eyes; the Money will never come, by the rock-band Disciplina Kitchme, composed in the ‘80’s as a reflection of the end of socialism in Yugoslavia.
This video work visually suggests the erasure of the East (as the weaker of the two) and imposes the dominance of the West as a supposedly ideal social and economic model.

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