Worker Who Cannot Speak English Is No Worker

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Nada Prlja talk bout the exhibition at viennacontemporary 2016 (starts at 3:36min.

The artwork A worker Who Cannot Speak English is No Worker was produced in 2008 as a response to Mladen Stilinović*s worker An Artist who Can not Speak English is no Artist – project that reflects the position of an artist within the artworld.

Prlja’s project comment on the position of the worker in todays society, where due to increased need for a migration, the workers are obliged to become fluent in the language of the country where they desire to migrate.

A worker Who Cannot Speak English is No Worker


Art object

Paint on silk fabric, 170×90 cm

Press coverage:

Viennacontemporary, September 2016

Focus: Ex-Yugoslavia and Albania | Introducing the Institutions

Art Forum, 2016

PW Magazine, 2016

Art Territory, 2016

Aksenov Family Foundation